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YoMu is a mobile and personal museum experience. It will be your guide, tell you hidden stories and show you images, art and sounds that surround you.

YoMu is a personalized, situational awareness app that let's you (re)discover the city you live in. It's Your Museum. YoMu.

YoMu let's you unlock and experience personal immersive stories that are hidden under the surface of the city. We want you to lose sense of space and time within your own environment by making the city a big museum you can wander through. YoMu blurs the lines between real and digital, not only by displaying a digital layer over reality but by inventing new ways to see.

We're doing this through (data) storytelling, social discovery, recommendation and serendipity techniques that are combined within a 'storybox'.

We're curating, combining and filtering several real time data streams with the storybox software to fit a person's interest and seamlessly unlock that data as personalized stories at a time and place when that person is in the mood for it. This will really augment your reality; being part of a immersive story that's especially written for you. We believe we can build a system that can understand the person that is curious, interested and looking for a culture experience.

With YoMu we build a unique experience between that person and the environment that person lives in.

We have launched YoMu at MuseumNext 2012 in Barcelona with a short video and a presentation. We're curious about what you think of YoMu.

Wander with us.